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Turnkey Projects and Project Management

PanTerra has a full range of investigative and analytical capabilities to provide continuity for environmental projects from initial study through final operation and maintenance. This can include conceptual and final design, specifications, work plans, and construction of remediation systems. Our experience encompasses many large remedial actions for the chemical, petroleum, metals, electronic, and computer industries.

Many of the projects which we perform are considered "turnkey" — that is, we supply all of the necessary elements to move a project from beginning to final closure. We realize that our clients often do not have time to research environmental regulations; negotiate with regulatory agencies; locate, hire, and manage subcontractors; prepare work plans, site safety plans, and project reports; or properly evaluate the various solutions to problems.

We have exceptional experience in developing comprehensive project management plans. These plans merge regulatory requirements, suitable technology, and actual field experience. Our ability of applying appropriate solutions has emerged from our demonstrated performance of successfully conducting complex projects. This integrated experience, coupled with our turnkey service capacity, has enabled our clients to expedite remedial projects while minimizing their expense and long-term liabilities.

We have developed management procedures that are the key to meeting client objectives for successful project completion within cost and time limits. A number of benefits are realized by our clients that use our turnkey services:

Out-sourcing a project to us allows the client to continue functioning normally in their own business.

  • Providing single source of communication for the client.

  • Eliminating the client’s need to locate qualified subcontractors and manage the project in-house while working with regulatory agencies.

  • Insuring consistent response and compliance with regulatory agencies.



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