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UST Related Services

UST owners and operators are faced with strict state regulations promulgated by the EPA. Poor installation procedures, pipe and tank corrosion, and poor maintenance of USTs can result in considerable financial expense. With professional guidance, solutions can be achieved and regulatory compliance met. The PanTerra Group approach can reduce future significant expenditures resulting from cleanup activities. Our activities are backed with significant UST experience.

UST Management

Our approach includes tailoring a program for each client which evaluates the current UST system. We identify and prioritize issues requiring immediate action, and rank the remaining tanks into various risk categories. Our action plans implement cost effective approaches for upgrading, replacing, or retrofitting, whichever is reasonable to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations.

UST Closures

One of the primary services is the closure of UST systems. For the typical closure, we provide a Project Manager that completely oversees the entire project. This includes using a local licensed UST removal contractor, coordinating with local regulatory agencies, and submitting soil and/or groundwater samples to an independent, certified environmental laboratory. We can provide any level of onsite project services requested by our clients. Upon completion of the field portion of the project we provide a detailed Closure Report. This report documents all activities with sampling procedures and results, photographs, waste manifests, and necessary permits.

Trust Fund Reimbursements

Trust fund Reimbursements potentially can represent a significant return of dollars spent on a UST program. The PanTerra Group is experienced in processing and submitting quality packages for reimbursement. This experience, combined with timely follow-up with regulators, insures the maximum return of dollars spent.


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