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The PanTerra Group was conceived as a full service environmental consulting firm dedicated to providing economical, effective, and appropriate solutions to a wide variety of complex environmental problems. We strive to be highly responsive to our clients’ needs and are committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective services to minimize long term liabilities. To provide this level of support, we employ a full complement of trained, experienced and motivated professionals.

By virtue of our size and select personnel, we offer our clients the flexibility, high level of service, fair pricing, and quick response of a small consulting firm, yet provide the depth and breadth of experience normally found in larger consulting firms. With an eye towards service, our project managers rapidly address any issues on a project, always keeping our clients’ needs in mind while keeping them informed. We know that a satisfied client will want to continue the relationship.

Should the need arise, we have the resources to mobilize anywhere in the continental United States, with in a matter of hours. We have successfully completed projects in several 48 contiguous states , as well as Canada and Europe.

We strive for customer satisfaction. Our primary responsibility to our clients is to provide them with excellent service. We give our clients the information they need to make timely, informed, business decisions.

We understand environmental responsibility. We are ultimately responsible to our clients — not to the presiding environmental regulators. Through careful planning and rapid project implementation, we can minimize our clients’ exposure and provide cost-effective ways to maintain or achieve environmental compliance, conduct remedial efforts, and attain site closures.

We also understand fiscal responsibility. Our secondary responsibility to our clients is to minimize cost. Because environmental costs can significantly detract from a firm’s bottom line, we strive to control project costs while ensuring that our clients remain environmental compliant.

Why Engage the PanTerra Group

Customer service

We have a solid reputation for responsiveness and customer satisfaction that has resulted in a high degree of repeat business. Our project managers take a proactive approach towards service.

Breadth of Experience

A partial listing of areas in which we have worked includes: aerospace manufactures; school systems; food and ice producers; chemical, paint, and pesticide manufacturers; oil and gas facilities; global freight forwarding and maritime shipping, convenience store operations; service stations; concentrated animal feeding operations; horse and cattle working ranches, scrap metal recyclers; and metal platers.


We listen to our clients and respond to their needs. We consider communication to be the most essential element in project management.

Reasonable Costs

Our low overhead and efficient operations allow us to deliver our services at a very competitive price.


We realize that our clients are business professionals and may not have the time or staff to keep up with the regulatory requirements. We can tackle these important matters at a reasonable cost and give the peace of mind of being up-to-date on the latest developments.

High Quality

We constantly strive to maintain the highest quality of services and use the latest technology to maintain our high standards.

Reduction of Corporate Liability and Risk

We are aware of the environmental, public health, and safety issues faced by today’s businesses and governmental entities. We strive to reduce our clients’ potential liability through sound engineering and economic judgment and by working proactively with regulatory authorities toward quick project completion.

Project Cost Control

In today’s regulatory climate, environmental consultants must deliver knowledge combined with sound business sense. By actively monitoring our costs and reducing them where possible, we are able to pass these savings along to our clients. This is even true for out-of-town projects. We have found that we are typically more competitive than "local" firms when traveling to a distant project site. This is because we are not trying to support numerous satellite offices.

We also control costs by acting on our clients’ behalf and looking out for their best interests in operating efficiently and competitively. When a project is properly executed and tightly managed, facility downtime and production upsets are minimized and normal operations can resume as quickly as possible. A tightly managed project relies on three key components:

  • Accurate and rapid communications to all concerned parties;

  • Anticipation and resolution of issues on all project phases by continuously thinking ahead; and,

  • Our extensive project management experience.

Regulatory Night-Watch

When we become aware of a change in environmental regulations that can affect one of our clients, we immediately notify that client at no cost. By providing this service, our clients can focus on running their businesses rather than spending their time perusing environmental regulations. We closely monitor federal and state environmental regulations and receive daily Federal Register and Regulatory updates directly from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) via Internet e-mail. We also receive monthly CD-ROM updates on federal and state environmental regulations and subscribe to numerous trade journals directly related to our clients’ industries and businesses.

Extensive Contacts

We maintain a nationwide network of individuals that work directly and indirectly with environmental issues. Our professional associations include individuals in the following areas: industry trade groups; environmental counsel; federal, state, and local regulatory officials; universities; specialty consultants; equipment suppliers; and contractors. These associations further aid us in keeping up-to-date with the latest regulatory developments and in controlling costs.

Legal Counsel and Client Confidentiality

We routinely work with environmental attorneys and fully understand the need for qualified, professional, legal counsel. We frequently work with attorneys to form a tightly-knit team to aggressively represent our clients’ interests. However, we do not yield to the common temptation of "playing lawyer." We respect the legal profession and strive for a unified approach in representing clients.

Our professionals understand the concepts of privilege and of attorney client work product. We have established our filing and Quality Control systems to ensure that client confidentiality is not breached. We avoid using loose or inflammatory rhetoric in our documents and do not reveal to anyone any identifying information about our clients unless expressly authorized to do so.

When working with an attorney, our policy is to provide verbal reports first, then to provide draft reports as required. We are often brought into projects that appear simple and routine on the surface, but which later develop legal dimensions as the job progresses. Should we encounter a situation where the use of an attorney is warranted and the client has not engaged one, we customarily refer the client to an experienced environmental counsel.

All of our work is treated with the highest regard for maintaining client confidentially. We understand the public scrutiny to which many of our clients are exposed. For this reason, we do not give press comments and we maintain a low profile while performing our services. If ever approached by the media, our personnel will immediately refer any questions to our clients’ attorney or other designated representative.

Corporate Insurance Coverage

The PanTerra Group maintains a $1,000,000 professional liability insurance policy without environmental exclusions. In addition, we maintain $1,000,000 of general and aggregate umbrella insurance, $1,000,000 of owned and un-owned auto liability insurance, and worker’s compensation for all staff. Additional insurance to meet our clients’ needs is available on a per-project basis. Certificates of Insurance are issued directly to our clients upon request.

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